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Check out verified places to stay and design-minded spaces in a city where looking good is a way of life. Browse gothic apartments, spacious lofts, and other verified places to stay in this city of boundless culture. Entitled The Winding Clock , I have to point out that this CD has one of the nicest graphic designs of any album I have seen recently, featuring several whistles protruding from an old style wind up watch see the accompanying picture and nicely drives home the idea of time as a common facet of Irish culture and traditional music.

This is not an album of driving dance music or bawdy songs but rather a carefully crafted work by one of Ireland's finest young whistle players and tunesmiths. Thank you! He lived to be 55, but for all intents and purposes his creative life lasted roughly 10 years, from the age of 27, when he was first recorded by Alan Lomax for the Library of Congress, to 38, when he was first admitted to Brooklyn State Hospital for the genetic illness that killed his mother.

In those eleven years he wrote—at first estimated as songs—now more likely to have been three thousand. Many of them were only preserved as lyrics, which his daughter Nora has been putting in the hands of modern folk singers and rock bands to add music and bring to life as songs. If you multiply ten years by the number of days in a year, it roughly translates to Woody having averaged a song a day for his entire creative life—a number so astonishing as to beggar description and defy belief.

To celebrate, something wonderful this way has come. There are two recorded versions of his greatest song, This Land Is Your Land , demonstrating once and for all that it did not spring fully formed from the forehead of Zeus, but was written, composed, and revised, the way any master poet would be expected to work, until Woody arrived at his six gemlike verses and classic chorus—that is now a sacred text in the wide world of American folk music.

Pete and Bruce Springsteen sang every one of them on the National Mall during the inaugural ceremonies for Barack Obama in January ; if that be censorship, let me have more of it. Indeed, the size of the book almost perfectly matches the dimensions of an LP record sleeve—a beautiful touch!

The Raconteurs - A Brief Introduction

There is live music, and then there is alive music. Barn Dance , the second album by Little Black Train , is both. The trio consists of West Virginia native Stuart Mason, whose deep roots in traditional music are reflected in his authentic lead vocals, guitar, mandola and banjo; John Weed, whose old-time Irish fiddling style and harmony vocals carry the listener back through the centuries; and Kenny Blackwell, whose sometimes-bluesy, sometimes-jazzy, and always brilliant mandolin or guitar embroiders every melody, along with his harmony vocals.

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But together, they achieve something that transcends their individual talents…an energy that will truly take you for an exciting, creative ride! In , a young man from Birmingham, England moved to Ireland in order to concentrate more fully on his passion for Irish traditional music and most specifically, on the wooden flute.

Instilled with a love and appreciation of Irish music and culture from his Irish-born parents, he quickly settled into the local session scene and a few short years later released his first solo CD. That young man was Kevin Crawford and the CD entitled simply, 'D' Flute Album , quickly became a classic of the Irish trad genre and required listening for Irish flute players worldwide. Crawford went on to join the band Moving Cloud, with whom he toured and released two albums.

In , he was asked to join the band Lunasa, replacing departing flute player Michael McGoldrick. Crawford's addition to the then up and coming supergroup marked a turning point in the band's sound and he has remained a driving force in the group's arrangements over 7 albums as well as their frontman in concert. Usually you would have venture out to find a local Irish session still recommended to pick up these tunes. But lucky for us fledgling Irish mandy players, Marla has given us a leg up by being able to learn some Irish tunes in the comfort of our own home.

This sort of makes you feel like a pioneer. The Minneapolis band, The Sweet Colleens , composed of five eccentric, humble and multi-talented musicians, has made rich music together since With each year and each album they evolve deeper into their unique fusion of Celtic-Cajun-Folk-Pop-Rock.

The album opens energetically, as lead singer Jeremy Greenhouse sings California, about a timeless place with magical air and a magical girl, amidst which the accordion rocks a solo with harmonica compliments.

Sao opening 3

The album then turns contemplative with Look at that Moon, as a mellow waltz. It took Israel six days to defeat a coalition of Egypt, Jordan and Syria in October of and guarantee its survival; it took Abraham Lincoln four years to defeat the Confederacy and end slavery once and for all; it took FDR and Truman four years to defeat Adolph Hitler and Nazism, the greatest evil the world has ever known.

After more than ten years and counting, America under Bush and Obama are still bogged down in the graveyard of empires, the quagmire of Afghanistan, with another two years to go, and no one is asking why. Well, almost no one; David Rovics, a one-man musical occupation, places that question front and center in his new album, Meanwhile In Afghanistan —which speaks truth to power, both here and abroad. Originally from Dublin, Ireland and now resident in Los Angeles for a number of years, Patrick D'Arcy is a player of uilleann pipes, the complex, bellows-blown bagpipes native to Ireland.

Initially starting his musical career on guitar and mandolin, D'Arcy was at one a time a member of the fledgling Irish Folk-Punk band Flogging Molly.

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However as his interest in a more traditional approach to the music gained momentum he left the group to focus more fully on his growing obsession: the uilleann pipes. And obsession it was. As he began to play the pipes more, D'Arcy whose day job at the time was web design launched UilleannObsession. Today the club boasts dozens of members and the website has become one of the best resources for both beginning and experienced pipers searching for music, sets of pipes and piping history, anecdotes and lore.

In her second, vintage-flavored, modern-folk album, I Just See You , award-winning singer-songwriter Tracy Newman reinforces what her first album suggested: She is one of the most talented story-song lyricists on the folk scene today. It is just that what is really remarkable in these 11 original songs are the words. The closer you listen, the better they get. Newman has the casual, conversational style of a master wordsmith.

November 22, 12222

Her phrasing never calls attention to itself; her images are never obscure. The words-and-melody all seem to flow effortlessly together. But oh, can these songs pack a punch! They are funny, engaging, touching, relatable, and insightful…some-times all at once.

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Not surprisingly, it evokes the blues as perhaps the primary color on his musical palette; it starts off with a train song— Duquesne Whistle —on its final run. The fact that the band — featuring founders Jeff Kazor and Lisa Berman, along with Rose Sinclair, Karen Celia Heil, Charlie Rose, and other guest artists — began at a kitchen jam in San Francisco in , reflects the serious talent at play here.

A boldly modern choreographer, Weare heard The Crooked Jades at a concert and was entranced by the hypnotic, haunting sound of their old-time music. She approached them with the project — to supply a musical backdrop for her troupe — and they accepted. That, in turn, led the band to reframe their repertoire…creating new arrangements to underscore the poetry, drama and mystery at the heart of each song.

The result is a truly timeless recording — at once raw and sophisticated, primitive and experimental in its instrumentation, rhythms and phenomenal harmonies. It was a farrago of traditional banjo tunes and songs, clogging and storytelling from Appalachia to Brooklyn. I happened to be teaching high school there at the time, where I had moved to become the next Steve Goodman or John Prine, and went to see it.

It was the greatest night I have ever spent inside of a theatre—and the star, creator and just barely containable ball of energy on stage was Stephen Wade. Ten years later, when the show closed, Wade was standing on top of the record for the longest-running off-Broadway play in America. Over twenty years later and it is still one of the top five. While the four multi-instrumental band members — Ladin, Keith Terry, Dina Maccabee, and Erik Pearson — have been playing together for three years, they are all seasoned professionals.

Raconteur's Second: Mezzanine of the Pacts

But in the 13 new old-timey, Appalachian-flavored tracks of Evie Ladin Band, Ladin surpasses herself. From the minute I heard the first few measures of his popular new cat song, Blue , I knew I was hooked. McClure plays an irresistibly smooth and engaging blues guitar, seasoned with an old-time jazzy sound. Better still, in his third album, Cowboys on the Skyline , this rhythmic, acoustic styling is accentuated by the brilliant multi-instrumentalist, Thaddeus Spae.

Spae brings a big 6-string guitarron — played as an upright jazz bass — to 12 of the 14 tracks. In addition, he adds a variety of lead guitar, harmonica, back-up vocals, trombone, banjo and tuba to the album. As I am about to tell you, this album is big fun. The music is all dance music, or inspired by dance music, or inspired by the kind of music that a band would play at the end of a dance to let everyone know it was time to go home. One of the tunes is based on J. Other pieces are from Brazilian or Italian influences, and even a very strange Tunisian-based waltz.

Each piece is worth listening to on its own, but the recording as a whole takes the listener on a quick tour to lands which might or might not exist outside the boundaries of this recording. In addition to the relatively common banjo, fiddle, guitar, the recording includes trumpet, trombone, drums and even a nyckelharpa. Moore in , and a hit in the UK as well by three different artists, which inspired the adult film Behind the Green Door. Sex sells, but one does not expect it to sell records by old-time singer Larry Hanks and his wife Deborah Robins.

But raise them it did.

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The Gothard Sisters are three siblings from Edmonds, WA who perform traditional and contemporary music and dance. Highly skilled musicians and dancers, Greta 25 , Willow 23 and Solana 16 have been performing and recording together for much of their lives and this comes through strongly in their music and arranging. Their new album, Story Girl , features many of the ideas and pieces the girls have developed over the last few years of a rigorous touring schedule across the U. S and Canada. All three sisters trained from an early age in the violin and while trio string arrangements are a hallmark of their playing, they are all multi-instrumentalists and singers as well as champion Irish step dancers.

Produced by Nygaard in , Let The Storm Roll In provides an excellent showcase for her multiple talents and mastery of several styles.