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Bloody Sword Unreleased. Cat Noir unwrapped one arm and grabbed his baton, he extended it until it hit the ground "Hang on to me! Cat Noir breathed out relieved and he stared at Marinette worried. She unwrapped her arms from him and looked at him "yes. Thank you Cat Noir" she told him really grateful that he saved her 'Maybe trying to talk Evillustrator was a bad idea' she told herself wishing she hadn't done that.

A Lesbian Romance Mystery

I wasn't thinking that my cataclysm would destroy the whole floor! Because of me I put you in danger" Cat Noir told her his ears down guilty.

Marinette stared at hin surprised he was taking the blame. Marinette stared at Cat Noir sympathetically as he looked down on the ground sad. She walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek.

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Cat Noir's ears perked up surprised and he looked at Marinette, blushing. Marinette smiled at him "What happen up there with your cataclysm wasn't your fault. You didn't mean it and Ladybug would understand that. Plus even if it was your fault, you nade it up by saving me so thank you" she told him reassuringly and Cat Noir stared at her surprised how she showed him it wasn't really his fault. She was about to turn and leave until Cat Noir said her name "Marinette.

The 42nd Film Noir Series: The Naked Kiss

Thank you" he told her smiling at her before leaving and Marinette smiled at him before leaving to transform into Ladybug. This moment was requested by 1Isabel so hope you like it. And I want to thank 1Isabel because I had trouble thinking so yeah thanks. Forums The Watty Awards. Go Premium. Log in Sign Up. New Reading List.