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Alcott Victorian bestseller about a New England family of girls.

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Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy The supreme novel of the married woman's passion for a younger man. Daniel Deronda George Eliot A passion and an exotic grandeur that is strange and unsettling. Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain Twain was a humorist, but this picture of Mississippi life is profoundly moral and still incredibly influential. Three Men in a Boat Jerome K. Jerome One of the funniest English books ever written.

Jude the Obscure Thomas Hardy Its savage bleakness makes it one of the first twentieth-century novels. The Riddle of the Sands Erskine Childers A prewar invasion-scare spy thriller by a writer later shot for his part in the Irish republican rising. The Call of the Wild Jack London The story of a dog who joins a pack of wolves after his master's death. Nostromo Joseph Conrad Conrad's masterpiece: a tale of money, love and revolutionary politics.

Probably the longest novel on this list. The Rainbow D. Lawrence Novels seized by the police, like this one, have a special afterlife. Ulysses James Joyce Also pursued by the British police, this is a novel more discussed than read. The Great Gatsby F.

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Scott Fitzgerald The quintessential Jazz Age novel. Men Without Women Ernest Hemingway He is remembered for his novels, but it was the short stories that first attracted notice. Journey to the End of the Night Louis-Ferdinand Celine The experiences of an unattractive slum doctor during the Great War: a masterpiece of linguistic innovation. Nineteen Eighty-Four George Orwell This tale of one man's struggle against totalitarianism has been appropriated the world over. Malone Dies Samuel Beckett Part of a trilogy of astonishing monologues in the black comic voice of the author of Waiting for Godot.

Catcher in the Rye J. Salinger A week in the life of Holden Caulfield. A cult novel that still mesmerises.

Tolkien Enough said! Lord of the Flies William Golding Schoolboys become savages: a bleak vision of human nature. Lolita Vladimir Nabokov Humbert Humbert's obsession with Lolita is a tour de force of style and narrative. A classic of African literature. Read John Sutherland on Lee's and other American classics. Catch Joseph Heller 'He would be crazy to fly more missions and sane if he didn't, but if he was sane he had to fly them.

If he flew them he was crazy and didn't have to; if he didn't want to he was sane and had to. Herzog Saul Bellow Adultery and nervous breakdown in Chicago. This is his masterpiece: edgily reminiscent of Heart of Darkness. Housekeeping Marilynne Robinson Haunting, poetic story, drowned in water and light, about three generations of women. Lanark Alasdair Gray Seething vision of Glasgow.

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A Scottish classic. I loved the plot. In short, I loved a lot about this book. Dislikes- For the first half of the book was disjointed, hard to follow, and a trifle boring. Honestly, I lost who was speaking and what was happening so many times I nearly gave up. The second half is great! Jared was too evil. He needed- like one redeemable characteristic? And he was also the only permanently evil character — everyone knows there must have been more of his kind somewhere.

But we missed the actual moment. But they started to annoy me. Cliffhangers are great, but flow is great too! I need a sequel! Oh, and Mrs. Tubs- a little Ottawa boy who One of our loner-male-characters adopts-ish. Izzy as a mom. Keep up the trees! Gikto as a dad or adoptive dad. And more small children! I need more kids! This book is beautifully written and completely different from anything I have ever read before.

This could partially be due to it being slightly off-set from my typical preferred genre, but I think it was more than that. There are fantasy elements to this novel, but they are extremely subtle. And while it boasts no dragons or magic or dark lords of evil intent on conquering the world or… are there…? The characters truly step off the page. Perhaps it is because Izzy feels more like a real person than a caricature, as can often be the case with first person present tense stories.

She is a character who is unsure of who she is, she has holes in her memory and cannot remember anything prior to coming to live at Gudwyne cottage—though she knows she was burned in a bad fire at some point before then, she has the scars and the memories of being cared for after they happened, but she does not know how or why she was burned. And yet, her uncertainties do not define her. She is not crippled by her doubts and fears, but works to overcome them, and even uses them to spur herself on when faced with adversity. Though he is only 8 years her senior, he has been taking care of her since she was seven years old.

Back then, Izzy gave him permission to keep her past a secret, to hold her memories for her. However, in spite of her curiosity, she is unprepared for the truth. When she sees a glimpse of what has been hidden from her, Izzy is not sure she will ever recover… or see Jonathan the same way again. But events are transpiring swiftly, and before she can begin to cope with the fragments of her stolen past that are returning, she finds herself thrust into a new adventure across the ocean to the New World, where the rest of her history and heritage lie waiting for her to claim them, as well as her rightful place among her true people.

There were moments in this story that made me laugh out loud. Izzy has a no-nonsense, self-deprecating sense of humor, and her stray thoughts are often truly amusing. There were moments in this story that got me a little choked up. And there were moments in this story that had me sobbing uncontrollably and incapable of reading further until I could clear my eyes of the tears that made the pages swim into an unreadable jumble of blurry letters.

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There were surprises, and adventures, and a beautiful Christian message of forgiveness and salvation woven throughout the story in a way that was both gentle and not-at-all-preachy or allegorical. Jan 09, R. I loved her journey of finding herself something most young women can identify with and how she wasn't typical looking. She has lots of scars from severe burns when she was little, and she's not super skinny!!! You won't hear it from me ; -Jonathan. This is my favorite sort of book hero.

The guy who's selfless and wonderful and still manages to not be quite perfect. He's close--and that will be expanded a little under the dislikes section--but he's still amazing.

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It was always so lavishly described, and felt very real. I loved the misty feel of the manor in England, the haunted feeling of the old ruins, the blurry, cold sensation of America This kid.

Like he's precious and sweet and adorable and all that good stuff I love Tubs. And yeah, I know this should go with their characters, but I just absolutely love the adopted sibling dynamic. That's another of my favorite things to find in fiction--the beautiful sibling relationships between two kids who maybe aren't really siblings, but are close enough to make it seem like it.